[adelie-devel] Re: main/ -> system/ + user/ vs aports.git fork [1]

From: William Pitcock <nenolod_at_dereferenced.org>
Date: Sun, 11 Feb 2018 17:53:11 -0600

On Sun, Feb 11, 2018 at 4:21 PM, Max Rees <maxcrees(a)me.com> wrote:
> On Feb 11 02:00 PM, A. Wilcox wrote:
>> Currently we have a "fork" of aports.git. It's very difficult to rebase
>> what we have, so it definitely needs to "restart" imo. We can move
>> aports.git to aports-historic.git and then re-clone from Alpine to make
>> it cleaner, but I think the better thing is to pull all the packages
>> that we want to keep different from Alpine and put them in system/ in
>> packages.git, leaving our aports.git fork strictly for changes we wish
>> to upstream.
> This makes sense to me. I was concerned about what would happen to the
> old repo, so archiving it seems like a good idea.
>> audacious (and audacious-plugins):
>> We are shipping the Qt variant. Alpine are shipping the Gtk variant.
>> Since Alpine doesn't have Qt5 in main/ we unfortunately cannot upstream
>> this change. We could rename it audacious-qt and ship it in user/,
>> where even Alpine users could enjoy it, but it would need a maintainer.
> audacious-qt is probably the better choice. Gentoo also calls it
> audacious-qt, so there is some precedent.
>> ffmpeg:
>> We enable a LOT more plugins: libcdio, ladspa, lzma, libspeex, freetype,
>> wavpack, libwebp, and pulseaudio output support. Almost none of those
>> are in Alpine main/ so it is impossible to add them to ffmpeg
>> dependencies upstream. I really don't want to maintain ffmpeg myself
>> since it is a frequent security flyer; if someone else wants to maintain
>> it in system/ then that is fine. As someone who *uses* three of those
>> plugins on my own system,
> I think you forgot to finish this part.
>> freetype:
>> Our freetype-profile.sh differs (we enable infinality by default). We
>> have no other changes. Alpine upstream temporarily did re-enable
>> infinality by default, but they did not like it (I believe there was
>> some bug in their XFCE 4 maybe?) so they reverted it.
> There is something weird going on with the LCD filtering such that only
> "lcdnone" is usable on Adélie last time I tried, and even then there are
> still some visual artifacts. I'm not sure if this is related to
> infinality or not but it's worth investigating.

I believe this is why infinality is disabled on Alpine, there are
problems with gtk+2.

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