[adelie-devel] Blank screen G4 emac 125Ghz

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Date: Mon, 17 Sep 2018 17:12:38 -0700


I to have an emac 1.25 7447? with the same issue as Alex McKeever
I tried replying to the tread but when I hit reply it seemed to just
delete my post. You will no doubt receive another 2 versions of this
shortly :-)

I try and answer the same questions you posed Alex

Is this the 1.25 GHz retail model (Radeon 9200) or the 1.25 GHz education
market model (Radeon 9600)?
I think it's a 9200

Are you able to see the GRUB menu?
I could get the grub menu prior to the blank screen

When does the screen turn black?
Mid boot

After the screen turns black, does there appear to be further disk activity?
I believe there was

Are you using Mini-VGA or the built in display?
Built in though I have a mini-vga adaptor

Has this machine ever used something like Screen Spanning Doctor, which
enables extended desktops instead of mirroring in Mac OS X?
Not that I know of

If so, have you tried resetting the NVRAM (which will temporarily disable
the extended desktop patch until applied again)?
Yes after running the adelie ppc full CD and getting the blank screen. :-(
I have a freebsd install on the machine and it boots (or booted) from
open-firmware. When I booted adelie by holding the c key freebsd started
open-firmware. The CD booted and I got a blank screen mid boot but it has
stuck. Rebooting left me with the same blank screen. I tried to boot
open-firmware but got nothing so I press the pmu and rebooted with the
open-firmware keys I got open-firmware then the sad-mac icon and then
freebsd started. It then rebooted it's self and reverted to the black
screen and I can't seem to revive open-firmware again (yet). I hope it's
not bricked :-(

You said “just about any modern Linux distribution”; do older ones work?
Can you provide a list of what does and doesn’t work, so that we may
narrow down kernel versions?

Up to Debian 7.11 work later models install but boot to black screen, even
with video=ofonly I think the was a debian bug about modules that stops
systemd loading but I don't want systemd so never looked that hard.

I also have an othe ppc machines that I could possibly try.
imac G3 333Mhz 256MB
2 Emac G4 1Ghz
G4 800Mhz iirc
G4 867Mhz iirc this maybe a digital audio overclocked
17" imac White Half Sphere G4 1.25 GHz PowerPC 768 MB
20" imac G5 PowerPC 1.8 GHz 2GB

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