[adelie-devel] Re: Location of reserved system user/group IDs?

From: Luis Ressel <aranea_at_aixah.de>
Date: Fri, 29 Mar 2019 18:14:01 +0100

On Fri, Mar 29, 2019 at 08:17:55AM +0000, Laurent Bercot wrote:
> > This is something we do indeed sorely need. We do not have one yet.
> > After the formalisation of projects, this should probably be a top priority.
> It is much more user-friendly to create appropriate uid/gids
> dynamically, at package first installation time (which is why I
> did so in later packages). We lose consistency of uid/gid numbering
> across machines, but I don't think it's a big issue.

I agree with both you here. I think it'd be very useful to keep
"system" uids and gids stable across hosts, but creating them
dynamically at package installation is much saner than a big, scary
/etc/group file listing everything.

And while we're on this topic: I've noticed our post-install hooks
create users in rather inconsistent ways. Some use useradd, some use
adduser, some hardcode uids/gids, some don't, and the flags passed
(especially) to useradd are also wildy different. It'd be awesome if we
could clean this mess up, and ideally in a way that doesn't require
every package author to "copy&paste the blessed useradd incantation".

I have a few suggestions how we could approach both of these topics, but
I'd like to discuss them on IRC first.

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