[adelie-devel] Re: GRUB configuration update hook

From: Lee Starnes <lee_at_canned-death.us>
Date: Fri, 12 Jul 2019 22:35:39 -0500

On 10/07/2019 10:25, Luis Ressel wrote:
>> +1, this would very much remove some footguns. Alternatively, we could ship
>> a symlink in /boot pointing to the installed kernel and initramfs image (if
>> present), so that the Grub config doesn't need to change if the kernel is
>> upgraded -- this is what Arch Linux does, for example.
+1 for a statically-named symlink to the most recent kernel and
initramfs images.
This was one of the things I got annoyed by when I switched from Arch to
I'm also strongly in favor of anything that would prevent users from
having to
reconfigure things after regular updates, and with the current state of
and hardware security, we're probably going to have a few more kernel
in 1.0's support period.

> As you've pointed out yourself, a single symlink isn't particularily
> flexible. Furthermore, symlinks aren't supported by all filesystems, and
> IIRC some of us use their ESPs (which are vfat filesystems) as /boot
> partitions.
In cases where /boot can't handle symlinks, the hook could attempt to
make a
copy if there's enough space on the filesystem.

On that note, I think Adélie's documentation should standardize where we
mounting the ESP. I know from lurking in Arch's channels that new users
get confused by the Arch wiki having conflicting recommendations.

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