[adelie-devel] [RFC] VirtualBox Guest Additions for Adélie 1.0

From: Tarnyko <tarnyko_at_tarnyko.net>
Date: Wed, 17 Mar 2021 13:28:23 +0100

Hi folks,
I just put together my first packages for Adélie: missing kernel modules
and services for VirtualBox guest integration.

What works :
 - VBoxSVGA DRM/DRI drivers (sufficient to run most 3D apps through Swrast
renderer, unfortunately not Chromium);
 - shared folders;
 - shared clipboard;
 - drag'n'drop.
What doesn't work, but I need feedback/help for this [1]:
 - VMSVGA DRM/DRI driver with native 3D acceleration;
 - as a result, automatic guest desktop resizing.

These are 6.1.16, so you need VirtualBox 6.1.x. Clipboard & Drag-Drop won't
work under 6.0 e.g.
Only the VBoxSVGA graphics card works [2].

Here is how to install it:
pmmx: # wget http://www.tarnyko.net/repo/adelie/vbox-adelie10-pmmx.tar.bz2
x86_64: # wget

# tar xfvj vbox-adelie10*.tar.bz2 && cd vbox/
# apk add --allow-untrusted
# apk add --allow-untrusted virtualbox-guest-additions-6.1.16-r1.apk
# apk add --allow-untrusted virtualbox-guest-additions-x11-6.1.16-r1.apk
# apk add --allow-untrusted virtualbox-guest-additions-openrc-6.1.16-r1.apk
# rc-update add virtualbox-guest-additions boot
# reboot

After a reboot, doing:
# lsmod | grep vbox
should display the "vboxsf","vboxvideo","vboxguest" modules.

You can already try shared folders, by configuring it [3] and doing e.g. :
# mkdir /media/sf_tmp
# mount -t vboxsf tmp /media/sf_tmp

Under a X11 session, you can share clipboard & drag'n'drop:
# VBoxClient --clipboard
# VBoxClient --draganddrop

Packages are based on Alpine & original. I might consider upstreaming them

Regards, Tarnyko

[1] : when selecting a VMSVGA graphics card once the services are present,
kernel phase succeeds (selects "vmwgfx" driver), but starting Xorg or
running the 1st KWin/Wayland client freezes.
[2] : http://www.tarnyko.net/repo/adelie/virtualbox1.png
[3] : http://www.tarnyko.net/repo/adelie/virtualbox2.png
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