On 18/09/18 19:45, A. Wilcox wrote:
Right now, we have 'lang' to pull in all -lang subpackages, and 'docs'
to pull in all -doc subpackages.

There have been a few people who have asked for a way to "automatically
install all -dev packages".

Therefore, I propose we create a 'devs' or 'dev' metapackage similar to
'docs' and 'lang' that installs all -dev packages that correspond to
packages that are installed on the system.



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Propose a package listing, to get an idea?

I think this is likely to quickly become bloaty, unless there really is a good use-case for having every single -dev package installed *at once*. This could have resource implications on 'lesser' systems (ie. /not/ Power10 users and all those devs with 8+ core i7 dev machines....)