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On Sat, 25 Jul 2020, 4:33 am A. Wilcox, <> wrote:
Hello all,

ConsoleKit2 is abandoned upstream[1] and has crashing bugs that are
difficult to debug[2].  elogind implements mostly the same features, and
even our most staunch bloat-opposers agree that replacing CK2 with
elogind makes sense, since at their core they are both fd.o projects
that implement similar APIs in similar ways.

This change will take affect with RC2, which will be released some time
within the next week.


"What will I need to do?"

If you use a display manager on boot up, you will need to run the
following commands as root:

# rc-update del consolekit
# rc-update add elogind default

To become root, open a Terminal window (such as Konsole or QTerminal)
and run "su", then enter your root / administrative passphrase.

"Does this mean we're giving in to systemd?"

No.  Even FreeBSD is working on an elogind-type system.  All "modern"
desktop environments use this API.  It is exposed over D-Bus.  It does
not mean we are shipping systemd, nor that we plan to ship systemd.

"Will this affect my computer in any way?"

Possibly.  Some hard-to-pin-down KDE bugs may be caused by our use of
CK2 instead of elogind.  Similarly, XFCE's power management applet
crashing on start up may be fixed by this change.  There should be no
*removal* of features, but there may be some addition.

"Can I keep using ConsoleKit?"

This is not supported.  You may be able to do this by pinning CK2 before
upgrading to RC2 in your world file, as so:

# apk add consolekit2
# apk add '!elogind'

This will prevent you from upgrading KDE Plasma past, as our
5.18.5 packages will require elogind.  Please remember that if you do
this, your system is not running a supported configuration.

*Do not request support if something breaks after doing this!*

"Where was this decision made?  Why wasn't the community involved?"

The community was involved.  This decision was made in our IRC channel,
#Adelie, on  Comments were heard from over a dozen
community members.

Best to you and yours,

[1]: Last commit was December 2017:


A. Wilcox (awilfox)
Project Lead, Adélie Linux

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