[adelie-project] Re: Dash as /bin/sh provider

From: Max Rees <maxcrees_at_me.com>
Date: Wed, 19 Dec 2018 02:54:58 -0500

On Dec 19 01:43 AM, A. Wilcox wrote:
> Hi all!
> As many of you are already aware, a 1.0 goal we have identified and
> agreed on is making the Dash (Debian Almquist) shell the default /bin/sh
> provider.
> My question is: should it be the *sole* /bin/sh provider? This would
> eliminate any possible corner case bugs where something doesn't work on
> bash or zsh but does on dash. Of course, the likelihood of that
> happening is so small as to be minuscule, so perhaps user choice should
> still be available.
> So, the two options are:
> 1) Make dash the sole /bin/sh provider
> 2) Leave bash and zsh as /bin/sh providers but make dash the default

How about the following:

3) Same as option 2), but with the caveat that using bash or zsh as
   /bin/sh is explicitly either "not officially supported" or "supported
   at a lower priority" (stated in the relevant handbook(s)). This would
   allow us to adhere to our "flexibility" goal while still being
   reasonable about our support resources.

> Let's discuss and hammer out a fantastic 1.0!


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