I think that, before we can make a good decision regarding migration, we should look at the resources we already have available to us. We have a dedicated server in Finland with 32GB RAM and a fair amount of disk space available. We have two dedicated servers generously provided for our use in Pennsylvania, albeit one earmarked for buildbot service and the other as yet provisioned (by us) for service.

In light of that, I want to take the server list below in reverse order.

A. Wilcox wrote:
> The current systems we run on Integricloud are:
> enfys (postgresql)             768 MB RAM    30 GB disk
> rarity (these mailing lists)  1536 MB RAM    30 GB disk
> mirrormaster                   256 MB RAM     1 TB disk
> bts (Bugzilla issue tracking)  512 MB RAM     8 GB disk
> athdheise (Web server/proxy)   256 MB RAM     4 GB disk
> wiki                           512 MB RAM     8 GB disk
> annwyn (Nextcloud)             512 MB RAM   100 GB disk
> chatterbox (Quassel IRC)       512 MB RAM    40 GB disk

At the moment, both chatterbox and annwyn are personal resources. Leaving aside the discussion as to whether they belong on project infrastructure, they should be migrated to personal infrastructure unless they are intended to be made more widely available to Adélie contributors (even if only to the core and/or infrastructure teams).

athdheise only exists because IntegriCloud was not able to provide IPv4 addresses at a price we were able to pay. It would be retired regardless.

My understanding is that we were planning on retiring the wiki. This would be an excellent time to do so.

I think that bts should be retired and merged with gitlab, or alternatively it can be on the same server if retiring it is contra-indicated (e.g. due to gitlab being unable to provide bug-tracking without a git repo associated).

mirrormaster would need to be migrated to the Finland server regardless, since no VPS provider provides block storage in the quantities we need at a rate we can live with.

The mailing lists should be on hosting separate from our other infrastructure, since it can and should be usable regardless of the rest of our infrastructure's dispositions.

That leaves the postgresql server, which should be co-located with gitlab.

I understand that one of our goals is for our infrastructure to not be subject to architectural issues with x86_64. In principle I agree, but migrating the majority of our infrastructure from VPSes on a single dedicated server to VPSes on an unknown number of servers, especially in today's security environment, carries more risk than ensuring our infrastructure sits on hardware we know is used only by us.