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On Jul 13, 2019, at 11:10 AM, Kiyoshi Aman <kiyoshi.aman@gmail.com> wrote:

My understanding is that we were planning on retiring the wiki. This would be an excellent time to do so.

Agreed. We are already moving some stuff to GitLab wikis and that seems appropriate. For other cases we should move forward on previous proposals to provision project-specific static websites (perhaps via GitLab static site generation).

I think that bts should be retired and merged with gitlab, or alternatively it can be on the same server if retiring it is contra-indicated (e.g. due to gitlab being unable to provide bug-tracking without a git repo associated).

No. GitLab issues are not sufficient for the needs of proper bug tracking.

The mailing lists should be on hosting separate from our other infrastructure, since it can and should be usable regardless of the rest of our infrastructure's dispositions.

This is an important point and I agree.