[adelie-users] xfce4

From: LEONARD KARPOWICZ <kar1600x_at_comcast.net>
Date: Fri, 08 Mar 2019 12:01:04 -0500

I have a working lxqt, wrong colors of course on AST chip, but it works.
I tried installing xfce4. However all I get when using startxfce4 or exec startxfce4 is either a blank blue or black screen
with a working pointer. There may be something on the screen, but nothing visible.

I would like to do a new install for xfce4 only. Is there a proceedure to do this?

Right now I get an error from xorg 'cannot find udev-launch' and in the xorg log
'Failed to load ast_drv.so: Error relocating ast_drv.so : vgaHWUnmapMem: symbol not found'
Then it loads the modesetting module and later 'fbdev' module.
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