[adelie-users] Re: can't find documentation for install from full cd

From: A. Wilcox <awilfox_at_adelielinux.org>
Date: Sat, 09 Mar 2019 20:10:28 -0600

On 03/09/19 19:57, Dan Theisen wrote:
> I'd like to try and help you get the wireless card working from the
> installer, but it's likely going to require modifying the kernel
> config and shipping a new kernel for whichever architecture you're
> using.
> It's very important for our users to be able to install Adélie out of
> the box with minimal trouble, and in my mind, non-functional
> networking on the install image qualifies as irritating.

The problem is likely not the kernel configuration, but the lack of
firmware. We can't ship binary blob firmware on our install discs; the
firmware would need to be installed to something like a USB pen drive
and then copied to the proper place. Further, that can only be done if
the user actually understands and agrees to the license agreement for
the firmware (which is likely user-hostile and extremely long).

Unfortunately it will be very difficult to support wireless installation
of Adélie Linux because of manufacturers requiring proprietary firmware.


A. Wilcox (awilfox)
Project Lead, Adélie Linux
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