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From: Andrew Luke Nesbit <ullbeking_at_andrewnesbit.org>
Date: Sun, 06 Oct 2019 01:28:04 +0100

Dear Carl,

Thank you for your installation report. This is greatly appreciated.

The first thing that comes to my mind is whether we can build a system
for submitting system logs upstream -- if the user agrees -- so that we
can see system configurations that work and those that don't.

Another useful thing would be a manual partitioning guide. I developed
one that, I think, works quite well. In my copious free time I'll write
it up for the wiki :-)

Please read on for comments inline...

On 06/10/2019 00:02, powers(a)copper.net wrote:
> Success - sort of.  I now have Adelie installed to a partition on one
> hard drive.

This is great news!!

> Have been trying for
> some time to install to a usb thumb drive on 3 different computers -
> something I have done many times
> before with other distros.  Adelie always installed OK but would not
> boot -- unable to mount root partition
> on unkknown block (0,0).

I recall trying to install Adélie in a similar way, i.e., to create a
"live" USB installation. However this depends on many factors including
your computer and it never worked for me.

I don't know all the factors but I have started working on the Debian
Installer for PPC64LE to try to help fix showstopper bugs. I expect to
get more knowledgeale during the next several months.

> Finally replaced the easy kernel with the
> current kernel & initrd from Devuan.
> Wala - it worked!

Are you able to reason about why this works? I really, really, REALLY
don't want to rain on your parade. I clearly remember how thrilled I
was after my successful first Adélie installation :-)

The main issue here is that Adélie uses the APK packaging system and
Devuan is DPKG. The initial successful bootup is wonderful but I'm sure
you realize that mixing package management systems is unsustainable.

> Now installing other packages to hopefully create
> useable desktop distro. Will try
> libre kernels from other distros as time permits.

Good luck! Please keep us updated!

> I presume my installation problems are related the kernel configuration
> and/or gpt/mbr conflicts in the
> hybrid install iso image.  I have 5 computers

Understanding how boot strategies work can be perplexing and difficult.
I used to know a lot about this and I'm going to try to make time to
re-acquaint myself with this knowledge, which I've been intrested in for
a long time anyway. Hopefully this can facilitate a positive
contribution to Adélie.

> 2 have uefi capable bios but all are mbr systems.
Be careful with "UEFI capable" systems. Many systems that implemented
UEFI took _years_ until they had a properly functional boot loading system.

Whenever you have the option I would recommend running a "BIOS system"
instead of a "UEFI system". Especially when running *nix and ESPECIALLY
when you are trying to provision a server with minimal stress.

Also, note that "BIOS" and "UEFI" are different, i.e., "UEFI capable
BIOS" doesn't make sense... I think..?

> I want Adelie to succeed and wish you all well.  My current interests
> are pursuing totally free distros

Libre-friendly computing is one great motivator for me too.

> and or systemd free ones.

Personally I don't mind Systemd and I think Debian did the right thing
in adopting it.

Kind regards,

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