[adelie-users] Re: x86_64_RC1 full install CD not booting

From: Max Rees <maxcrees_at_me.com>
Date: Sat, 23 May 2020 11:23:41 -0500

On Sat May 23 11:58 AM, Sanjay Mysore wrote:
> Thanks for replying..
> I did not mean to be pointing fingers at any body, but I am frustrated
> that after having downloaded 2 .iso, both do not work I do not think
> it has anything to do with Libreboot as such....

I think it has everything to do with Libreboot.

The docs for it are kind of sparse so I'm shooting in the dark here. I
tried using the GRUB payload ROMs they provide for QEMU but it causes an
internal KVM error as soon as it's loaded.

Looking back to your original email and referencing the Libreboot docs,
it seems you were trying to boot the ISO as if it were an ISOLINUX
image. This is not the case - our ISOs have not been ISOLINUX based
since before BETA1; they all use GRUB now. This explains why it would
just return to the original menu without having done anything - it was
looking for a file to parse that does not exist on our images.

I guess Libreboot does not have GRUB set up to similarly parse other
GRUB configurations. You can try running some commands at the GRUB
command line (press "c" at the menu) to try to manually boot the ISO
(this is based on boot/grub.cfg from the x86_64 RC1 ISO):

1. linux (cd)/bzImage-x86_64 squashroot=x86_64.squashfs
2. initrd (cd)/initrd-x86_64
3. boot

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