[adelie-users] Re: no wireless connection after install

From: Fungi4All <fungilife_at_protonmail.com>
Date: Mon, 29 Jun 2020 19:24:14 +0000

> On 29/06/2020 12:48, Max Rees wrote:
> > On Mon Jun 29 01:12 PM, Extinction Event Band wrote:
> >
> > > Hi Max, no problem, thanks so much for your advice! I added the two links
> > > to the repositories, installed the linux-firmware package, installed
> > > Networkmanager and finally I got my wireless connection working!💪 However,
> > > I faced a weird issue: when I tried to connect to my SSID I got a fail
> > > because of insufficient privileges to do so..Also, I noticed that the
> > > shutdown and reboot button were missing from the launcher. Indeed, I could
> > > only logout, but I had to push the poweroff button to reboot/shutdown. It
> > > looks like a polkit/consolekit/sddm issue, what could I do? Thanks again.
> >
> > These issues sound related if the insufficient privileges issue was
> > raised by the NetworkManager GUI. Can I ask which desktop environment
> > you're using with sddm? The sddm session file is most likely not
> > starting a new consolekit session correctly. We recently fixed this for
> > the MATE desktop environment but I believe the other DEs still have this
> > problem.
> > Max
> Ensure that the consolekit service is enabled in the default runlevel:
> rc-update add consolekit default
> =================================
> I've noticed that on x86 machines only logout is shown in Plasma, but
> upon logging out, the SDDM interface has reboot/power off in the top
> right corner. Those buttons do work. I'm not sure why Plasma isn't
> detecting CK2; it's possible they removed support in 5.18. If someone
> has time to inspect that, it would be helpful.

but from a terminal /sbin/reboot,poweroff,shutdown should all work regardless, whether the user has rights to use them (or sudo /sbin/shutdown should work if your user belongs to wheel group) it has to do with /etc/group and/or policy kit.
Could it be that dbus also in not running properly along with ck? In Obarun dbus must run for the entire system as root and as user for plasma stuff to work. How it can be achieved here so plasma functions can be completed I wouldn't know. I'd never use it myself.
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