[adelie-users] Re: Notice: ConsoleKit2 will be replaced with elogind

From: Fungi4All <fungilife_at_protonmail.com>
Date: Sat, 25 Jul 2020 10:54:33 +0000

I am sorry to hear this and one of the reasons I was particularly interested in adelie is for not having made this choice till now.

Just the other day in another distro, also musl based, I heard the justification that elogind was a good thing because we need wayland. As the myth goes wayland doesn't work without elogind. Well, maybe one should look at the source of the distributions that do make it work without elogind. I know gnome couldn't exist without that part but progressively more and more desktop stuff does need it because people upstream choose the ease of incorporating rather than being unix like coders and not incorporating specific other mechanisms in their unrelated mechanism.

What I am afraid will happen is not whether those who really need elogind will get elogind, but much of the stuff that doesn't really need it will also get it, forcing people like myself to have it because stuff stopped working. And would stuff that need elogind work without having dbus? So dbus must be working for elogind to work so that other stuff will work as well.

Most of my applications that run from terminal and through a ____ load of dbus related errors are 100% functional (to my demands) without dbus running. I figured I can wait till s6-bus works and there is dbus-dummy pkg that redirects demand. I make an exception in the rare occasion I have to print something.

So the trojan horse comes in layers. As long as the excuse that pid1 is not systemd we can be perceived as rebels. That is what devuan said, artix since day 1, and void much later, ataraxia, alpine, ... I think this only leaves Kiss-Linux out with the specific commitment to "not expect elogind ever to appear on the repositories" https://k1ss.org/software#3.0 and of course Obarun last but not least.

"But what is a distro to do, we can't rewrite and fork all upstream desktop stuff"

Drop Gnome from the repository, if you are supporting. If not, now you could!
KDE works on top of this hollier than crap QT platform, and elogind has penetrated right through this layer through dependent software and now plasma does not work without it. It does seem to work fine in obarun.
So drop KDE plasma, or at least any particular pieces of software that need it. There are choices. But getting xfce4 applications to work with elogind and need it when they didn't upstream to me is a breach of contract.

I should have known 2 years ago when I first installed adelie and noticed that pretty much anything LXDE related was absent but LXQT buggy stuff was everywhere. So ultimate stability LXDE/XFCE4 was not a priority but lxqt and plasma were. That should have been a good indicator of where this was heading to.

I am really sorry to hear this development,
Best regards in the future and good luck.

mr Over and mr. Out
2020-07-25 a sad day, really
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