I followed your instructions. It is trying to fetch some packages from a web server. 
Why? I have not installed Adelie yet. What will it do after fetching the packages?
I think this is all ridiculous....Live CD means everything should be self contained...not try to fetch from web...
Really...very much disappointed, frustrated.....
Pl. Do not use the term Live CD as yet...nothing is live...
Mine is a wireless network. Not yet set it
Any way...thanks for your inputs...
I will try Adelie Linux when it is fully released..
Offtopic / Background
Was waiting for Dragora3 from a long time....which is also libre linux....some how, that is also held up. Dragora 2.2 was installed on the Libreboot laptop that I bought, T400, from techno-ethical....
I wanted to try out Adelie-linux on my desktop, before making a permanent install on this T400..
If Dragora 3 releases before Adelie...I will go with it..

On Thu, 18 Jun 2020, 6:43 am Max Rees, <maxcrees@me.com> wrote:
On Thu Jun 18 06:06 AM, Sanjay Mysore wrote:
> Ok. Understood
> How to explore the Live CD? It says have fun and play around with it. How?
> Zsh terminal...how to get a desktop env?

You need to install a desktop environment; the RC1 CD does not come with
one already installed.

Your options are:

* lxqt-desktop (LXQt)
* mate-complete (MATE)
* plasma-desktop (KDE Plasma 5.18)
* xfce-desktop (XFCE 4)

You'll also want to install "sddm" and "x11" to get a full
out-of-the-box X11 experience.

For example, if I wanted to test out plasma-desktop, as "root" I would

apk add plasma-desktop sddm x11
service sddm start

And that should take you to a graphical login screen where you can
hopefully login as "live".

If it instead shows a black screen forever, or something else, we will
need to examine the Xorg logs and see why it's not starting.

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