Dear Max
I beg your pardon. I apologize if I have hurt you. That was not my intention. May be, I should not have keyed in my thoughts. 
I am aware of the issues with development of free software. I had expressed in my email last to awilfox. I am aware of your, finances...
Really sorry. I am a supporter of free software...foolishly, inadverently I have hurt you...
You are all doing a good job. I am with you...
Please, I downloaded the x86_64, full iso. 352MB...
What I meant is, when this CD boots up, it says, if you want to install, login as 'root'
If you want to explore, play around, login as 'live'
By Live CD, that is what I meant, 'Live' mode would be the appropriate word then?
Your inputs are well received..Kindly advise if this 352MB iso, burnt on CD has everything? Should I get a DE with this?

On Thu, 18 Jun 2020, 10:27 am Max Rees, <> wrote:
On Thu Jun 18 10:09 AM, Sanjay Mysore wrote:
> I followed your instructions. It is trying to fetch some packages from a
> web server.
> Why? I have not installed Adelie yet. What will it do after fetching the
> packages?
> I think this is all ridiculous....Live CD means everything should be self
> contained...not try to fetch from web...

Reading from the downloads page:
> If you don't have an always-on Internet connection, or you want to
> install Adelie Linux on a computer that doesn't have a connection,
> choose the full (Full Installation) ISO for your processor type.

> If you have a way to download packages on the target computer, you may
> choose the live ISO. Note: An active Internet connection will be
> required to complete the installation if you use the live ISO.
> Wireless chipsets may not be functional. If you aren't sure if your
> wireless chipset is supported by Linux, use the full ISO.

If you want a fully self-contained CD that doesn't need to download any
packages, pick the "full" version.

> Really...very much disappointed, frustrated.....
> Pl. Do not use the term Live CD as yet...nothing is live...

It provides a live shell environment. A live GUI environment and
installer is forthcoming.

We appreciate the feedback, and I understand your frustration, but the
tone of this email is unwarranted. We're moving as fast as we can with
one employee and a small team of volunteers.

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