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From: Lee Starnes <lee_at_canned-death.us>
Date: Thu, 29 Aug 2019 08:06:36 -0500

(The ML was down when I first sent this, so if you're seeing this again,
you can just ignore it.)

I have a lot of suggestions. I also don't write plain-text email often,
so let me know if my formatting is bad.

1. "ArchLinux" should be "Arch Linux", which is the official naming.

2. The first sentence under "Opportunity" should start with saying that
the existing installation systems don't meet users' needs, then the
second sentence should outline what types of systems there are.

3. In that same section, replace "most, if not all, of" with "most or all".

4. It seems like the paragraph under "Opportunity" really goes more with
the "Existing Systems" heading. Would it make sense to combine them into
a single heading?

5. I think the first "Fixed" paragraph could read better:
"The Alpine Linus installer is a set of interactive shell scripts that
offers very few options. A user can choose between using a hard disk for
the entire system or for data only, leaving the OS and software in a
tmpfs. There is no option to use an existing partition map, nor to use
an alternative to LVM2, nor to use RAID. Because it is a set of
interactive shell scripts, it does not make sense to script an
installation with it. Typically, users script a manual installation
(such as in the "Manual" section below). There is no set of default
packages: the installation routine only installs a minimal base system.
There is also no support for IPv6 in the Alpine Linux installer, and
IPv6 support is crucial for the modern Internet."

6. The second "Fixed" paragraph should not have "while not strictly
Linux distributions".

7. I think the second-to-last sentence of "Batteries included" should
use a colon instead of a semi-colon, but I don't remember style guides
from school or college.

8. The paragraph about Anaconda uses the passive voice a lot, which
makes it a little hard to read.

9. Instead of "the only manner supported of wireless network
authentication was WEP, which is highly insecure", I would say "the only
supported wireless network authentication mechanism was WEP, which is
highly insecure and is usually not available on newer wireless networks".

10. For the sentence about Calamares, I'd change the last clause to "but
we did not investigate it thoroughly during our requirements elicitation

11. Windows 7 is almost end-of-life and Mac OS X was rebranded to OS X
then macOS. I would change the end of the first sentence under "Where
Our Solution Fits" to "such as Windows 10 or macOS".

12. "proceed to committing the installation" sounds jargony. I would
write it as "perform the installation" or "execute the installation".

13. For "Objectives", should we specify whether objectives 1 or 2 must
be able to be performed without access to documentation that is not
included on the installation media?

14. For objectives 3 and 4, what constitutes a publication? I'm not sure
that a couple of random blogs should count, but I don't think we need
academic journals to review Horizon.

15. For objectives 3 and 4, are the time limits relative to the release
date for Adelie 1.0, or are they relative to some other milestone?

16. For Charlie's 4th need, does he need full-disk encryption, or is
encrypting all of the Adelie partitions except /boot sufficient?

17. How long has Dakota been using Linux? An enthusiast could just be
someone who installed a popular distro for the first time last month or
someone who has used it since grade school, which represents a large
range of experience.

18. Would Dakota also want to select different storage schemes (LVM,
btrfs subvolumes, RAID, etc) and filesystems?

19. The "(See NEX-#.)" references are ambiguous.

20. How esoteric is River's hardware? Are we talking a somewhat uncommon
ARM SBC like a BeagleBone Black, or is it something crazier like a
toaster powered by UltraSPARC?

21. For risk #1, another possible mitigation might be to involve someone
who has user experience design experience. The parties from different
communities should have different levels of familiarity with Linux and
other Unix-like systems.

22. For risks #2 and #3, another possible mitigation might be to elicit
assistance from other developers. Raising community awareness of
Adelie's existence and our goals could inspire more people to get involved.

23. For risk #2, it's not really a for-profit project anyway, so maybe
this risk should have an end result of something besides severe
financial losses.

24. I can think of some additional risks for not having Horizon. Users
having technical problems due to bad installations would give Adelie a
poor reputation and take up a lot of time for community support (an
issue I saw a lot when I was involved with #archlinux). Potential
developers and maintainers would not contribute because the barrier to
getting started with Adelie is too high.

25. "Existing Systems" should include more citations.

26. Under Charlie's needs, I would change "creating a new partition" to
"creating new partitions" and change "the Windows 10 OS" to just
"Windows 10".

27. Would it make sense to combine all the chapters into a single HTML
document? People (including me the first couple of times I read this)
might not see the Prev/Next links and assume Chapter 1 is the whole
thing. Chapters 2 and 3 are pretty short too.

28. Under Vision, Assumptions Made, users who are installing to an SBC
might not have a display output. In this case, should we support using a
serial console or some other way to interact with Horizon? I think some
SBC distributions just ship ready-to-use image that can be dd'd to an SD

29. For DEP-5: Boot loaders, do we want to include other bootloaders?
syslinux doesn't work very well with x86 UEFI, and I don't think it
works at all without x86.

30. For DEP-6, I suggest we specify TLS 1.2 for HTTPS and change CIFS to
CIFS/SMB. By SFTP, do you mean FTP with TLS or do you mean the sftp
subsystem of SSH?

31. For DEP-3, chapter 1 mentions wireless networks. Should DEP-3
include wireless network status and authentication? If it does, then it
should also include a way to discover available networks or enter
information for hidden networks.

32. For DEP-2, should we include a list of supported filesystems and
other storage schemes (LVM, dm-crypt, RAID, etc.)?

Other that those things, I think this looks really good so far!

-Lee, ComArb/QA
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