[adelie-project] Re: Project Horizon: Vision Document Draft

From: Max Rees <maxcrees_at_me.com>
Date: Thu, 29 Aug 2019 16:54:00 -0500

I think most of my editorial comments have already been raised by Lee.

Some things I think the current proposal does not cover that perhaps it

* The proposal does not seem to cover filesystem choice at any point.

* The network interface manipulation external dependency (DEP-3) does
  not explicitly mention DHCP as an option. Nor does it mention
  configuration of DNS settings.

* For scripted installs, it is not clear whether it is required to have
  a display. I would assume they do not, and the minimum operating
  environment specifications seem to reflect this by having separate
  requirements for the Runner and the GUI.

* The futural OOBE functionality has overlap with the proposed feature
  set (Ch. 2 "System Features"). Will this future functionality just
  delay the relevant configuration for later, or does this mean that the
  relevant configuration will not be included in the initial Horizon

* FDE is mentioned as a need for "the beginner" user class but is not
  brought up again at any other point in the proposal.

* I think Lee mentioned this already, but it would be nice to have more
  citations for the shortcomings in the prior art.

* Does any of the prior art allow the user to minimally install in a
  dualboot+ configuration? I think this is extremely hard to get right,
  and places liability on the installer for possible data corruption
  rather than the user, which is why I figure most of the prior art
  doesn't do this as far as I'm aware. Maybe you can get around this if
  you put a huge "BACKUP YOUR DATA FIRST" screen. Especially with the
  large variety of different boot firmwares and boot managers this seems
  really difficult to pull off (though in a later section the scope
  appears to be limited to only GRUB and syslinux).

* I don't know much about NOOBS but from what I gather it's some sort of
  installer - is it relevant to discuss this as prior art as well?

Finally, I think this is the most important point I want to raise:

* I think the proposal should address the relative merits of scripting
  installs versus spinning custom images for large deployments. It's
  something I thought of several times while thinking about the project.

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