[adelie-project] Re: Thinning out the base system and live images

From: Max Rees <maxcrees_at_me.com>
Date: Mon, 15 Jun 2020 17:34:07 -0500

On Thu Jun 04 06:58 PM, Max Rees wrote:
> As discussed on IRC, I have implemented this according to the following:
> 1. kbd-openrc now provides the "consolefont" service (openrc used to
> provide this) and also the "keymaps" service (also shipped with
> openrc, but it was dropped when we first added console-setup in
> 2018).
> 2. console-setup has been pared down to just the ckbcomp utility and
> moved to user/.
> 3. adelie-base depends on kbd now instead of console-setup.
> If you formerly used console-setup in order to change the keyboard
> layout for the Linux console, please give the merge request with the
> changes outlined above a try:
> https://code.foxkit.us/adelie/packages/-/merge_requests/457

On Fri Jun 05 05:48 PM, Max Rees wrote:
> I've gone ahead and prepared a merge request for transitioning from
> man-db to mandoc. For the time being I've left groff in system/ since it
> may have hidden dependencies in there, but during the next mass-rebuild
> we should see what really needs it since it won't be pulled in by
> anything that doesn't explicitly specify it. system/curl is the only one
> in system/ that DOES explicitly depend on it but we can probably remove
> that since it's only needed for generating PDFs.
> system/db cannot be removed from system/ because system/nvi and
> system/ruby depend on it.
> https://code.foxkit.us/adelie/packages/-/merge_requests/458

These merge requests have now been merged. If you encounter problems
with any of the following, please contact me.

* upgrade of openrc and kbd
* use of consolefont or keymaps services
* replacement of man-db with mandoc while upgrading
* use of mandoc

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