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From: Didier Kryn <kryn_at_in2p3.fr>
Date: Mon, 02 Mar 2020 15:30:20 +0100


     I'm new to this list. First a few words to introduce myself:

     I first learned programming in the 70's when I was a student; but
real learning happened when I got a job. During all my carrer I had to
develop computer apps, as a secondary activity, with a predilection for
real-time data-taking. I started working on Linux around 1998 and Debian
from 2004 to 2018, while switching progressively to Devuan when it just
started, in 2014. I've used Linux on Intel, AMD and Powerpc, but, now
retired, I only use x86_64 architecture at home.

     As from 2012 or 2013 I started to compile things against Musl libc,
because I had come to dislike dynamic linking, bloat, and wild
extensions to the standard. I succeeded to build by myself pretty much
all of a Linux base system, some Emacs-like text editors (but not Emacs)
even bash, and a few other packages, and, of course the whole build
toolchain, including the Gnat Ada compiler, all statically linked
against Musl libc. I took inspiration and tricks from Sabotage-Linux,
but it took me a few years to achieve all that on free time :~)

     Then I learned from the Musl mail list that there were several
distros providing all that and much more, developped by people much more
skilled than me, and in particular Adélie. I appreciate that Adélie
works on Powerpc, a carefully thought architecture, but I cannot afford
a Talos-II.

     Now the help needed: I would like to create an Adélie chroot on a
partition of a host running Devuan. Later, I would boot into it, using
Grub's multiboot facility, either with the same kernel as Devuan, or
with Adélie's kernel, or with one I compile myself. I have no free
machine to install only Adélie on, and I like to do things with care.

     Are there ready-made images I could copy to a partition, or is it
possible to use the installation CD to do what I want?


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