[adelie-users] Re: Installation attempts are failing

From: Max Rees <maxcrees_at_me.com>
Date: Sun, 28 Jun 2020 15:30:21 -0500

On Sun Jun 28 07:52 PM, Fungi4All wrote:
> https://forum.obarun.org/viewtopic.php?pid=6152#p6152
> I have tried to help someone on a forum of another distro how to
> install Adelie but he keeps having problems. He tried to subscribe
> here but for three days he is getting an automated response that his
> messages are awaiting moderation. Could a moderator for the list take
> a look at held messages? Thanks.

I've notified the people who are able to look at the queue; hopefully
those messages can be released soon. To fix this for the future I think
we will try to have more people able to look at the queue.

It sounds like they were using the experimental Horizon ISO, which has a
few known defects in the various versions. From what I understand, EFI
was not working in the 20200618 version because of a typo in what
filesystem type the EFI system partition was supposed to be, and the
20200623 version (or earlier) may have issues on some BIOS setups.

For firmware, Adélie doesn't ship any in the official repos, but APK
Fission does. We're hoping that future ISOs we ship will include
firmware from APK Fission with a clear user choice as to whether it's
used or not. It sounds like when they tried to manually install firmware
they put it in the wrong location - it needs to be /lib/firmware, not

For VirtualBox, support is still very much a work-in-progress, mainly
because the developers don't really have machines that can run it handy.
I think the latest development here is that the vboxvideo X driver isn't
being loaded automatically, so it has to be manually configured. I think
this is what causes the "freezing" effect on boot. If this is configured
then BIOS boot in VB should work. We will have to think of some way to
make this happen automatically.

I'm not sure why Horizon was not able to re-use the empty partition; I
will try to look into this when I have time.

"failed to get the canonical path of /boot/grub" sounds like they either
did not have one of /boot, /dev, /proc, and /sys mounted inside their
chroot, or some combination thereof.

It is great to get feedback on these experimental ISOs, but when users
get frustrated they have to remember that they are experimental. The
official RC2 images will be more stable.

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