[adelie-users] Re: Adelie Installation support

From: Max Rees <maxcrees_at_me.com>
Date: Sun, 28 Jun 2020 20:02:55 -0500

On Wed Oct 02 07:17 PM, powers(a)copper.net wrote:
> I have been trying to subscribe / post to this list without success.
> The list server doesn''t like the email address I have had for over 20
> years, or the password I chose except to say they weren't valid/

We apologize for this very late reply and your other issues with the
list servers. They are currently undergoing a change in infrastructure
maintainership so hopefully someone can look into why you couldn't
subscribe sometime soon. Since you weren't subscribed, your post got
trapped in the moderation queue which wasn't being monitored until

> I have been trying to install beta-4 since it came out. Installation
> is successful but it won't boot. Always fails with a message about
> being unable to mount the root partition on unknown block address.
> Latest one suggests several possible entries, none of which are valid
> and look like they pertain to the CD drive I installed from. Grub
> config and fstab contain valid entries - either UUID or sd(*). I am
> installing to removeable thumb drives, which I do whenever installing
> a new or updated distro. I have come to the conclusion that
> installing to anything but the primary hard drive is not currently
> supported. After a disastrous experience trying to install another
> distro to my priimay hard drive I am not anxious to risk repeating
> that experience. Any insights, suggestions, or other help would be
> appreciated

I suspect that easy-kernel does not support booting installations from
USB devices - the modules that are needed for it are probably built as
modules and not built-in. If you could provide the output of `dmesg` and
`lsmod` from the live image we can confirm as such.

If this is indeed the case you will need to use an initramfs for which
we supply dracut. Note that currently our dracut package is missing a
trigger to automatically rebuild the initramfs when the kernel gets
upgraded, so until such a trigger is added you would need to rebuild the
initramfs manually each time the kernel is upgraded.

Since you last tried Adélie there has also been the RC1 release. I
recommend you try that out. RC2 (with a graphical install wizard) will
hopefully be coming out in the next month or two.

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