[adelie-users] Re: Repository set up on 32 bit

From: A. Wilcox <awilfox_at_adelielinux.org>
Date: Wed, 13 Mar 2019 09:40:54 -0500

On 03/13/19 01:35, Antonio Maccagnan wrote:
> OK, done that and it worked.
> There are a few other issues. a) I have registered to the mail list
> and confirmed the registration, yet I'm still not allowed to login.

That's weird. I have cc'd our ML admin. Dan, do you have any clues
about this?

> b) on my 32 bit machine (the one I'm testing Adelie on right now) I
> have a spanish keyboard. I have edited /etc/default/keyboard but on
> text mode I still get a US layout.


# rc-update add console-setup boot

This will ensure console-setup is done on every boot. To ensure your
configuration is correct, you may immediately apply your configuration
at any time by running:

# setupcon

> c) I have installed the following packages: xorg-server,
> xf86-video-intel, xf86-input-synaptics, xf86-input-keyboard,
> xf86-input-evdev, xf86-input-libinput, xinit, kbd, fluxbox. I have
> copied /etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc as .xinitrc to my /root dir. Usually,
> this is enough to get me a working WM. Still, when I do startx, I get
> a blank screen and the machine freezes. I'm obviously missing
> something :(

You should not need to copy that file to your home directory (or /root)
to start X11. Your .xinitrc file should contain only the directive to
start your preferred environment. Does it work if you create .xinitrc
containing only the following line:

exec startfluxbox

I hope this is helpful.

Best to you and yours,

A. Wilcox (awilfox)
Project Lead, Adélie Linux
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